Community Composting


Image courtesy of Community Composting


Community Composting is a subscription based Organic Waste Disposal company out of Rochester, New York, which began operations 2013, founded by Steven Kraft and Brent Arnold.


They current service close to 400 customers ranging from over 315 Residential, 50 Commercial, and a few Institutional customers within the Greater Rochester Area.


The Pay system on the Residential side is broken down into two fee structures (Weekly and bi-weekly pickup) based on the frequency of the service that customers select.

Service Type Monthly Yearly
Weekly $30 $312
Bi-Weekly $16 $168

The systems Commercial clients are mainly Restaurants which utilize Community Compost as a means for overall waste cost savings. By separating their waste streams (Organic waste items from their typical Garbage) restaurants are able to save on the amount and frequency with which they utilize traditional Commercial Waste system; a costs savings of just over $300 annually.


On-Demand Composting

The most innovative aspect of the service is the ability for real-time scheduling and progress updates, allowing customers to sign-up, order service, or cancel service from the company’s website.
On the Company’s side if the computer, they have the ability for the .

website-image-1Screen shot of User Interface


website-controlsScreen shot of Back End Service Provider Controls, Courtesy of

service-mapActive Customer Map utilized by Pickup drivers,  Courtesy of

This on-demand type of feedback helps alleviate wasted pickup trips, as well as to keep the users of the system engaged in their efforts to alleviate food waste


What’s Composted?

Organic Matter is what Community Composting focuses on. Basically, if it came from a seed, or if it once roamed, swam, or flew throughout the world, it’s acceptable.

Acceptable Items include…

  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Shells
  • Shell Fish
  • Fish
  • Meats


How Does this Work?


Clients put their organic waste out on the curbside on their designated pick up day and it gets picked up and sent to the Composter the service has partnered with

Participants of the service receive back a twice yearly supplied 20 lbs.bag of compost, herb plants, or a compost donation made out in their name to alone of the various Rochester Community Gardens.



Over the course of the company’s existence, Community Composting has utilized two different types of composting methods provided by two different composters,

In-Vessel Composting provided by Epiphergy

Vermicomposting provided by Vermi-Green, LLC

Epiphergy was the initial compost processor for Community Composting. Their processing facility is located within the service area of Community Composting. Utilizing the In-Vessel Composting process, they are able to produce organic compost, animal feed, and ethanol.

Vermi-Green is the current compost processor which Community Composting has partnered with. Their Processing Farm is located in Palmyra, NY, 25 miles from downtown Rochester, just on the outskirts of the service area. Vermi-Green is a Vermicomposter, meaning they utilize an all natural method of composting, using Red Worms to process organic waste into useable compost.

To date, Community Composting has processed over 575,000 lbs. of organic matter. At the posting of this blog, actual year-to-year figue=res were unavailable.

Partnerships | Rewards | Composting Pride

Community Composting has some innovative ways of reaching out to the community and expanding their service of keeping organic materials out of the waste system. The company has partnerships at two local grocery stores, Abundance Food Co-Op and Hart’s Local Grocers, where they display their iconic 4 Gallon Buckets making it conveniently accessible for new/potential customers to pick up and start service.

harts-displayImage Courtesy of Community Composting

On the Commercial Front, Businesses who enlist in the service not only save on their year-end Waste costs (as described above), they also get to show off their Composting Pride by Showcasing their participation in the program

14612391_756827204456972_3693240295283086160_oImage Courtesy of Community Composting

Institutions who partner with Community Composting get the opportunity to utilize educating their student body to the benefits of composting and gateway Ecology lessons into Urban Agriculture and Recycling.

14206042_740017456137947_3302507380776517272_oStudents of Genesee Community Charter School, learning about Composting

Image courtesy of Community Composting’s Facebook Page



Community Composting

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