Green First


Green First Pittsburgh


The readings and videos given to us recently have all centralized around a main theme: sustainability and green infrastructure.

Pittsburgh, always with a timely manor, has been preparing their ‘Green First’ Stormwater Management Plan. Originally, Pittsburgh had a ‘Grey first’ plan which focused more on implementing more storm water pipes throughout the city. The ‘Green First’ approach will focus on planting more trees and restoring the natural water cycle. Overall it will work to make Pittsburgh a greener city, not only helping manage stormwater, but also beautifying the city, and purifying the air.

“(A green first approach) allows us to leverage development in neighborhoods that have been disinvested to seed further investments,” he said. “It improves air quality and heat indexes in the city when you have more green infrastructure, and just enhances the overall quality of life in the city while solving a major stormwater problem.”[1]


This shift is just what Pittsburgh needs following one of the worst floods the city has ever experienced. [2]

In fact, Pittsburgh can become a precedent for many cities. A Green First approach combats some of our global concerns head on and provides a new way of thinking of development. Maybe now we can start to shift the headlines not only in Pittsburgh’s newspaper but globally as many cities seem to be facing similar issues.



Articles taken from Pittsburgh newspaper and stored in studio.






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