Two ideas to consider in the future; stormwater fees and innovative design

Thinking about the vital role of water for every living thing, but also for more complex systems like our cities, make me realized that storm water should be treated as a valuable resource that designers should carefully address.

The video about the paper recycle fabric give me a significant input, we should start thinking that the elements of nature must have an economic and social burden to stop using them so irresponsibly and carelessly. As on the food and waste systems that we have seen before, we must overcome the ideas of the cultural legacy inherited by the Industrial Revolution. Not because of water – literally – falls from the sky means that we, on the scale to which we have made our imprint on the world, can waste and pollute almost entirely. As the example given, where it argues around creating a fee to the unused of storm water and how a recycling paper mill uses its waste water for a continuous benefit (Media, Penn State Public Media, 2016). Even though this benefit is for their economic savings, it might be a trend or a reality for every industry, commerce or housing everywhere, and so been an advantage for the environment.

In response to the issue, the next video that fixes my attention was the cultural project in the Bronx (Media, 2016), where besides being an example of reuse of water storm and other resources, it is also an example of attacking the problem with design and innovation in an area of New York City where the image of city depressed and dangerously prevails. I believe that in order to create positive change in our ways of designing and building a good way more than the just economic reasons, it must be aesthetics too. Taking a look at architectural styles that have changed in history for various purposes, one of these have been their image and physical form, which are considered singular and beautiful. So why not start conceived attacking the problem of reuse and waste of limited natural resources with projects that are agreeable to the public, believing that it is a better solution and also can be positive appreciated by society. I think, by looking at some videos, this change is happening nowadays, and eventually, it will lead to persuades the entire system to change. Let us hope and work for this change to happen as soon as possible.



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