Stormwater management

With fast development and growing cities leading to conversion of green jungles to concrete jungles . This conversion has hindered the natural bio cycle . One of the major problems we face today is the storm water. Stormwater is caused due to rain , snow  or any event of natural precipitation .In naturally landscaped places , the storm water is easily absorbed by the soil and plants hold stormwater close to where it falls .But in developed areas , these storm water cause problems like flooding and water pollutions.

One of the articles I read on technologies being used for storm management in City of Lenexa was quite interesting . This project makes maximum use of  Opti’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance watershed management while mitigating flooding and improving water quality .

OptiRTC, Inc., (Opti) is an Internet-of-Things technology company focused on monitoring and control of stormwater infrastructure. Opti’s software uniquely combines sensor data, weather forecasts, and proprietary algorithms to optimize stormwater infrastructure through active, cloud-based control. Opti lowers the risk of managing stormwater by making predictive, rather than reactive, decisions to adjust water levels around rain events. By actively managing the rate and timing of stormwater flows, Opti improves the effectiveness of new or existing infrastructure and helps keep natural water bodies clean.

This Project is working on retrofitting of four already exisiting ponds with advance Stormwater control and performance monitoring system. The addition of technology will increase the effective storage and water quality capacities of the ponds by automatically adjusting water levels based on real-time rain forecasts. In addition to adaptive controls, continuous monitoring will collect real-time data from all of the ponds.

Retrofitting existing infrastructure with this kind of smart technology was quite interesting to come across.












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