Population growth the Reasons for Waste accumulation

After going through the readings , I realized that the core reason for waste accumulation is the growth of population rather than the growth in technology . The growth in technology is  indirectly due to the growth in population.

Initially when there were less people , the need for food , shelter , clothing etc was less and these need could be fulfilled by the nature .So the waste produced was less and whatever waste was produced was ultimately obtained from nature so it was biodegradable , so everything worked in bio cycles well . But with the growth in population all these needs increased and the amount of waste produced took longer time to degrade.This gave rise to the technological growth , finding different ways to tackle these problems and these ways generally  don’t concern about nature as many examples mentioned in the readings.

If today we think of getting over this , I feel its practically impossible . How can we reduce the already existing population and if think of doing it with the existing population , we again take technical help , which will  ultimately worsen the problem.


McDonough, William, and Michael Braggart. 2009. Cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things. London: Vintage. -Chapter 01. A question of design(pg.17-44) and 04. Waste equals food(pg.92-117).

Pierre Bélanger. “Airspace: The Economies & Ecologies of Landfilling in Michigan.” Trash. Ed. John Knechtel. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.(pg.132-155)


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