Role of an urban designer in food crisis

I had an idea of food crisis being , as a result of excessive use of chemicals,irrigation, soil erosion etc some of the obvious reasons and that it caused some health issues.

But after reading the food and agriculture system, and the second about city farming , I learned a broadened problems related to food crisis. I realised its not just these direct reasons mentioned above are reasons for the crisis but there is broder back story as to how these problems come into actions , what is the reason behind using chemicals inspite of knowing the cause. I realsied that an urban designer , city planners, scientist , technology  play a greater role for food crisis.

It was something new for me to hear that people are facing issues like obesity due to food crisis . For me intake of more food caused obesity and i thought it was more about mind control then the crisis. I realised that due to our urban setting , foodstore being located so far , people tend to eat more of preserved food , rather then the fresh food. We have easy excess to medical stores , liquor stores but something as important and a daily needed item is located far away .This is just one thing that i mentioned above but there many other issues like housing requirment for farm labours , precuation for soil erosion , alternative for irrigation etc. Our plannings need to be worked out . We can not create something new all over again but we can atleast remodel the existing things and try to make it better for us and the future generation .

What possible solutions come to my mind right now  is focusing more on urban argiculture and community gardens more . Encouraging green roof for growing vegetables and encouraging the local public to grow vegetables in their backyards or terraces .  And it is quite possible , as i have a spice garden on the 9th floor of apartment and it does cater some of my needs . Also we can we remodel the uses of some of the public buildings in the city relam and converting it into a food mall closer to residential areas . Also providing housing to labours at a cheaper rates would encourage more labour forces to work in farm.

And there are many more changes that needs to be worked out to ensure reduction in crisis if not elimination.


Oran B. Hesterman. 2011. Fair food: growing a healthy, sustainable food system for all. New York: PublicAffairs. – Chapters: 02. The Problem is  (pg. 21 – 45)

Michael Hough, 2004. Cities and Natural Process: A Basis for Sustainability (London: Routledge, 2004, second ed.) – Chapter: 5. City Farming (pg. 160 – 188)


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