I took a ecological footprint of two countries that I have stayed and I am staying right now i.e India (City : Nashik) and United states of America (Pittsburgh) .

The ecological print show below is of lifestyle I had back India .


After taking the first footprint . I tried to minimize my count by reducing the usage of private car and food intake of poultry and meat.The image attached below is of 2nd test taken for same City i.e. Nashik

test-2The difference between both is 0.1 global hector . And this is the minimum I can do .

The 3rs test and last test given below is for Pittsburgh were I’m currently staying .


The footprint of Pittsburgh is almost 16 times more than that of India.My lifestyle in India was more comfortable and luxurious whereas in Pittsburgh I am all by myself and living from tip to toe.

All I can conclude from this is that people from technological advanced and more urbanized countries have more count .


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