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My Ecological footprint is big. Considering the way we live in the U.S. the majority of the footprint comes down to services and food.

The Pittsburgh Example


I’m off my all-time best when it comes to balancing out my consumption. This is partially due to my role as a recent transplant. I’m still growing accustom to the new routines associated with my new confines.


Pittsburgh Revised


Some items which are outside of my hands are that of my building’s recycling policy (non-existant). My Apartment’s management company is putting profit over the environment and doesn’t allow for the collection of recycled goods.


The Miami Example


Surprisingly I’m less wasteful back home. Thanks to my lifestyle of living with relatives, I’m able to save on space, thus mitigating¬†my impact on the built environment.


Overall, Lifestyles in the U.S. create a condition where we are utilizing a lion share of our planet’s resources on Energy. Seeing as we as a society will not have a radical shift in the way we’ve been living since after WWII (more suburban, sprawling out over more land at lesser densities, utilizing big-box stores, etc.), the best we can do in the immediate is find ways to curb our intakes of items within our control (i.e. food) while planning/designing for a future of living in more dense spaces, in closer proximity to all we need.


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