Every Little Effort Counts  


It is the first time that I calculate my footprint to see how I influence the world ecology in such a direct, cruel way in realistic digits. When that 0.9 planets to regenerative stood out to my notice, I realized that life of every person really affects the ecology to worldwide and in enormous dimensions. It is obligation for everyone to live in a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce carbon emission and energy consuming, which then can be the powerful start to push our earth back to its ecological track.footprint-in-china

Then I tried to reduce my footprint by eating less meat to 1-2 serving per day, spending less on entertainment by jogging in the park or picnic at garden rather than going to cinema and eating delicious food, by utilizing more renewable sources, and living a smaller but more efficient apartment. Though the result turned out that only small difference did I achieve, it will definitely be a big change if everyone spares no effort to reduce the footprint.footprint-in-china-compared

I also then calculated what I may do in America, and the results really threatened me, which the footprint is five times more than what I had in China. It might because two calculation methods are different to some extent, and I involved long journey of flying from China to America into the calculation, also as here in Pittsburgh, it is much more dependent on transportation by bus or cars, while the case in China is that subway and walking are more favorable ways to go out.footprint-in-us

The numbers are indeed threatening, however it conveys much possibility that we everyone can do to reduce energy consuming and form a better life. No matter what effort is taken, one less meat meal, more walking or even one less T-shirt, it really counts.




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