What is Urban Ecology?



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Urban Ecology, from my point of view, is concerned urbanism under long-term span which is the sustainability, the aim of which is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability future generations to meet their own. [1] The object that urban ecology is concerned may contain nature, human, society, culture, economy and whatever interacts with human and nature, just as Ian Douglas pointed out, “an ‘integrated bio-socio-systems’”. The city is not only an ecosystem, but also an economic system, a culture system and a social system. Urban ecology is to fulfill the task of maintain the various systems in homeostasis for recent and for the future; the stability is not contributed by conserving, but updating heritage to modern society, running in more energy efficient ways, maintaining systems in a healthy cycle, and etc., then the roots of which are back to raw materials and nature. Thus, the context of urban ecology is defined into physical and social eco-system. [1]



1.     Hough, Michael. Urban Ecology: a basis for shaping cities. Routledge Press, 2004.

2.    Downton, Paul. Ecopolis: Architecture and cities for changing climate.  Springer Science & Business Media. 2008


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