Urban Ecology, as I perceive

Cities are a fluid. While if living in one over the course of one lifetime it may be hard to perceive something so substantial being nimble, it is an ever evolving form free to grow or shrink in size, scale, industry and open space, Similar to that of a living being.

As Michael Hough states, “Cities are continually changing and adapting to new conditions and will never be ‘completed’ as one might finish a painting or a piece of furniture.”1

Inseparable from this ebb and flow is the ecology of the city, which encompasses all forms of fauna. In this ever changing system of urban morphology, a balance has to be struck to maintain the ecological parameters that a city needs, of open space, agriculture, recreational opportunities, and ecological diversity.

Urban Ecology is the balance of all these, within the framework of an urban region.







  1. Hough, Cities and Natural Process, A basis for sustainability, 2nd(2004), Routledge, 16

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