Urban ecology

After going through the write up I understand that urban ecology is all about a scientific study of living being with each other , and to the surrounding , to mother the earth , to the nature and impacts they make on each other. It is about how these relationship if treated well , will turn into a greater and a healthier Urbanization . It is about treating a human and the surroundings well.

Reading about Sir Patrick Geddes , I understand that he was the pioneer in giving the modern view of cities. He was the first one to contribute to urban ecology . He put great emphasis on the human-environment relations which i believe is due to his training as a biologist and his passion for better and a healthier living . It is impressive to see his optimism that after all destruction of world war I and industrialization he believes that given a reasonable social conditions , man is a co-operative animal and his efforts to teach people how their environment might be treated properly .



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