Food Systems

YEAR: 2015
CLIMATE: Temperate Marine
AREA: .75 acre
13 – 18,000 lbs lettuce per year
SCALE: Block Scale

lettucelink plan-01

image above courtesy of Andrea Salomon

Case Study Background

Marra Farm consists of lettuce link (0.75 acre), mien garden (0.75 acre), seattle youth garden works (1 acre), and p-patch plots (0.12 acre). Their mission is food security, education, and local engagement ( . It is located in Seattle, in which the government is largely supportive of urban agriculture: Council Bill 116907 was recently approved to update the City’s Land Use code, allowing “urban farms” and “community gardens” in all zones. Residents are also now able to sell food grown on their property. See the Seattle climate and growing season below:

lettuce (dragged)

We focused specifically on a smaller program housed at Marra Farm called Lettuce Link (see link for more details:

Lettuce Link provides lettuce to local shelters, health clinics, the local food bank, and a local elementary school (Concord Elementary School). Of Concord Elementary School’s 300 students, 89% meet the requirements for free or reduced cost lunches. Students tend and study plots with Lettuce Link and both bring home bags of vegetables to their families and hold a salad bar for the whole school in the spring.

Lettuce Link produces 13 – 18,000 lbs of lettuce a year, which amounts to the average vegetable consumption of 29 people.

seattle youth garden works


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