Never Waste a Food Crisis

Interesting Manifesto on Global Food Crisis by The Mansholt Letter and Het Nieuwe Instituut in collaboration with Slow Food. You can take a look at the Manifesto’s website here: The videos are a must watch!

Excerpts from the website:

We are currently in a very severe crisis situation. What will our children and grandchildren think about the way we are now exhausting nature in all sorts of ways? We know well what we need to do. The only question now is can we find enough people who are prepared to do it?” Sicco Mansholt, Former EU Commissioner for Agriculture – 1975

Frank de Schutter: “The nature of intensive agriculture means you are constantly running into new diseases, new problems. The chemical industry then comes up with a solution. And that process just keeps repeating itself.”

The food system has been corrupted since 1950. Industrialization and commercialization came along, pesticides and bad fertilization: it changed everything.” Lufefe Nomjana, urban farmer, SA 


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