The problem with waste

One of the most important causes of waste accumulation is population swell which in turn has led to growth in demands for consumer goods. As industrialisation started, the cycle of nature of restoring nutrients back into soil got disrupted. We have started producing far more waste than that could be restored back to nature. The concept of Cradle-to-Cradle is not inclusive in production strategies. It is very important that all the goods and materials are produced keeping in mind this very concept because originally in nature’s well balanced cycle there was actually no waste.

Earlier as man lived in close harmony with nature, his good and products were often derived directly from the surroundings whether it was animal skin for shoes or clothing or stones for making tools. Everything was sourced directly from nature and it could be easily discarded after use to be taken up by nature again. These type of usage can be termed as biograde use, use which stays in the biosphere.

However we have introduced ourselves to another sphere of goods and materials which can be termed to exist in the technosphere. To control materials from endlessly filling up the landfills, one must understand that biosphere and technosphere govern under very different circumstances and combining them causes contamination.

Products should be created keeping in mind that they can later be broken down into nutrients that can be absorbed by nature. The one’s that are not biodegradable can be produced in such a way that they can be reused later for creating upgraded products after return over a defined period of usage. It should be understood that these technical products should be kept in closed loops of technical cycles.

The systems that are in place to deal with these products should be designed keeping in mind the different biograde and technical grade that exist in a product and efforts should be taken for their proper segregation.


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