Waste Accumulation

Waste accumulation stems from two root causes. One is using too many resources and products than necessary which generate lot of waste. The industries and companies design products to be disposed of after a period of use rather than encouraging to repair and reuse. Second, not being able to reuse or recycle efficiently many of the resources, byproducts and products once they are discarded. This is also aggravated because we have been manufacturing such complex polymers that are neither bio degradable nor can be efficiently reused without causing further pollution. This way the waste piles up to point where we can no longer get away with it (dispose it safely without affecting the natural systems around us).

Possible solutions would be to educate every one of the true extent of waste accumulation, its implications and the need to take action. Also, encouraging the industries to manufacture more durable goods and encourage the reuse with repair is an important aspect. The other most important aspect that industries should concentrate on is being able to design manufacturing processes where the waste from one part can be reused as raw material for other processes. This will drastically reduce the quantity of industrial waste.

Even at individual, community and neighborhood level the waste segregation should be so efficiently classified to bio degradable and non-bio degradable to ensure there is no contamination of natural systems by harmful chemicals.

A more complex but highly efficient solution is as explained in ‘Cradle to Cradle’ to use the biological resources separately and maintain the natural and biological cycles free from pollution by technical resources. On the other hand technical resources like metals can be used within closed loops of use, reuse and recycle. Both the cycles operate independently without contaminating each other.


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