Waste accumulation

Who should pay the bill for waste accumulation?

As a consumer in earth ecosystem, people keep consuming food, water, energy everyday and convert them into trash, garbage. It should be a natural thing that our wastes being circulated in the whole natural ecosystem with the help of decomposer. Nevertheless, in fact our wastes are accumulating and garbage disposing becomes a serious problem. So what lead us into this dilemma? In my point of view, “Monstrous Hybrid” is the root cause.

As we know, there are two types of material flows, biological mass flow and technical mass flow in our ecosystem. Monstrous Hybrid is a process that compounding these two elements, which can not be salvaged after their current lives. The occurrence of Monstrous Hybrid broke the balance of source and energy cycle in nature. Under this circumstance, energy and sources are being consumed day by day, at the same time, wastes produced by human also accumulated gradually. This explains why wastes in landfills are growing bigger and bigger.

Are there any good ways for us to deal with this problem?

First, from a biological view, we are supposed to make our products easier to be disassembled. For instance, packaging, shoes and soaps can be made biodegrade. After being dissolved by bacteria and germ, these stuffs became value nutrients for our environment. Hence not only waste accumulation can be diminished, but also our biological metabolism can be accelerated.

The other way is to make technical products more technical. Technical products like computers, refrigerators should be detached from biological cycle, instead, they can entering technical circulate. The “product of service” is a good example. In this scenario, technical nutrients are used by people for limited time period. Once customers want to upgrade their products they can find manufacturers to exchange a new one by the old one. For manufacturers, they can utilize the old ones as materials for producing new products. On the one hand, it produces no useless and potentially dangerous wastes. On the other hand, it can reduce the extraction of raw materials and manufacturing disruptive materials.

As for unremarkable materials, which are useless for both biological and technical metabolism, we can storage them safely until they can be detoxified. Although this sort of materials can not be used currently, they may become beneficial sources in the future.


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