Ecological Footprint ac

Below is a snapshot of my ecological foot print that was calculated by the Footprint Network:

Footprint Analysis of my current lifestyle

Figure 01 | Footprint Analysis of current lifestyle

I never considered myself a a menace to ecology. I figured it was largely due to my air travel and my utility usage; however, those changes produced meager reductions. Only a half of a planet could be salvaged.

Figure 02 | Footprint with suggested lifestyle changes

Figure 02 | Footprint with suggested changes

I found it interesting that the first question (and possible aggregation) was where I live. How does existing in a country contribute to my footprint? Perhaps it is based on national policies on the accumulation of resources. It would seem that a large portion of my footprint is out of my hands, short of moving to another area. How do we delegate accountability?

Fortunately the site provides additional resources on the subject which can be found here:

Footprint Network- FAQ


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