Ecological Footprint

Ecological foot print by definition is the measure of a human’s demand on Earth’s ecosystems and amount of natural capital used each year. ( Wikipedia).


My lifestyle back in India shows that if everyone lived like me, we would require a regenerative capacity of 1.7 planets per year. The fact that my footprint is high due to high mobility was not a surprise to me.


If I did reduce my dependacy on my car and reduced my air travel, we would need a reduced regenerative capacity of 0.8 planets a year, yet my fooprint is still higher than the Indian average.


What surprised me was that since my shift to Pittsburgh a month ago, my ecological footprint has more than doubled, ( regenerative capacity of 3.8 planets) despite the fact that I only walk or use buses for transport, and eat more locally available produce (vegetarian) and recycle.

Strange, as I feel I lead a much “greener” lifestyle here, yet I commit to reducing my footprint,


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