Cities on Sustainability track?

The author Naomi Klein points out that we turn our heads away when it is time for us to actually accept that climate change is happening. What is wrong with the society today is that the economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few corporate elite who exploit society and are not interested in the concept of climate change and the ordinary citizen does nothing to change that very fact. She calls for a people’s movement hoping to change the situation and declare climate change as a crisis.

“Letting in the full reality of crisis will change everything.”

The rate at which major global economies are polluting the world, the rise in temperature in the long run will have disastrous effects on global economies who depend on natural environment for their existence.

What we as ordinary citizens would want is a just economic system hence there is a misalignment between what we want and what we get from cities. Sustainability is the way forward from here.

It is important to understand fossil fuels will soon perish and investing in renewable sources of energy with the right scale of economic planning and management will create more jobs and better living.

There is also the need to change the thinking of people and direct it towards a sustainable path. Gregory Bateson points out that uncorrected ad hoc measures grow stronger and compounded if not corrected. The way we think currently, the ongoing technological processes and population increase stand as major threat to survival. The idea of trying to win over the environment is absolutely dangerous in the long run as nature will always try to overcorrect the wrong doings by man.

Cities are not on the track of sustainability. We need a new kind of society where there is a change in direction of thinking and change in who holds power. Climate change is here and maybe with a low carbon society  we can avert the worst.

Naomi Klein, 2014. This Changes Everything; Introduction. (pg. 1- 28)

Gregory Bateson, 2000. Steps to an Ecology of Mind/; Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology. 1 edition. Chicago; University of Chicago Press. Chapters: “The roots of ecological crisis”


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