Capacity to Endure

“Our problem has a lot less to do with the mechanics of solar power than the politics of human power” ( Klein 2014).

Is there Capacity to Endure?

I don’t believe that cities lack the capacity for a sustainable future.  Cities are physical manifestations of people and capital and how they form is up to the behaviors of the people who control its system.  As users and/or creators of these spaces we have designed a system that takes advantage of our current economic system, which is flawed towards being unsustainable in nature.  Capitalism our current economic system “enforces the idea of self centered thinking, addiction to gratification and the unrestrained freedom to satisfy our every whim” (Bateson 2000).  It is this system of thinking that has created an unsustainable city, either through the behaviors of the users or through the construction of the physical elements that make up a city. 

The amazing aspect about cities though is that they have the capacity to endure the environmental problems that humans have created, but it is up to the “human power” as described by Bateson that will unlock that capacity for endurance.  It is through human power that our cities grew and it is the same ideology that will shape the future of cities into more sustainable places.   

Gregory Bateson. 2000. Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology. 1 edition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.-Chapters: “The roots of ecological crisis”

Naomi Klein, 2014. This Changes Everything; Introduction. (pg.1-28)


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