What is Urban Ecology?

“We have begun to understand human beings as biological creatures immersed in vital ecological relationships within the biosphere” (Michael Hough 2004).

Urban Ecology: A Definition

Referring from Michael Hough, Urban ecology is a field of study that serves to understand the interconnectivity of people within their urban environments.The individual systems of interconnectivity include hydrology, waste, energy and food, but most importantly on their functionality such as production, consumption, excretion and the effects they have on the urban environment. It is the study of urban ecology that will make these effects visible and provide the means for people to make cities environmentally and socially healthier places.

Hough, M. (2004). Urban Ecology: A basis for shaping cities. In Cities and Natural Process: A Basis for Sustainability (2nd ed., pp. 5-25). London: Routledge.


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