Urban Ecology Definition

The complex inter-relation between the physical and non-physical processes in an Urban Environment , that  shapes urban form and define settlement patterns among other patterns , can be defined as Urban Ecology. The Urban mechanism has become so distant from nature that when one thinks of nature , he is automatically drawn to the country side , where the living and human life is directly connected to the natural processes. There is a sense of identity , responsibility towards the environment , economical benefits , sustainable natural spaces ,  when ecology comes into a urban setting to form Urban Ecology.

Nature in the form of Urban ecology  has always been at work , focusing on region specific growth patterns, integrating multiple living systems , renewal systems , and positive impacts of built form , while , Human Invasion , with preset rules and guidelines based on aesthetics has altered the work of nature in shaping Urban ecosystems. Lower diversity , economically profound and socially uninteresting places result from an Urban design attempt which excludes ecology. Only when a boundary is maintained , ecological balance can be neutral or positive in an Urban Setting.


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